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Stens AB6-KU-8-301 All Balls Racing 6 Ball Axle Kubota K7561-15313

All Balls Racing 6 Ball Axle

SKU: 018-400
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  • DETAILS Pack Size:ea Qty / Unit:1
  • All Balls Racing 6 Ball Axle Kubota K7561-15313 REPLACES OEM Stens018-400 FITS MODELS KubotaAll Years RTV900G, RTV900G6, RTV900R, RTV900R6, RTV900T, RTV900T5, RTV900T6, RTV900W, RTV900W6, RTV900W6SE, RTV1100CR, RTV1100 CR9, RTV1100CRX, RTV1100CW, RTV1100CW9, RTV1100CWX, RTV1140CPX and RTV1140CPXR; Early Style RTV900G9, RTV900R9, RTV900T9, RTV900W9 and RTV900W9SE with round style inboard cage SPECS Heavy-duty chromoly shaft for increased strength Heavy-duty neoprene boots for a protective seal in wide temperature ranges High performance molybdenum grease reduces heat and friction Includes washer, axle nut and cotter key Laminate coating resists rust and corrosion for increased durability Not designed or intended for modified vehicles Warranty void if disassembled Axle locationFront left Packaging typeBranded box
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